We - Eva-Maria Hundhausen from Bornheim (near Bonn),  entrepreneur and for the past 25 years, Franciscan SFO  in Bruehl and Alexander Hundhausen, graduate teacher -
both busy with professional lives, ,find the time to take a break in the beautiful monasteries at home and abroad. These monasteries offer the opportunity to immerse in an

oasis of peace and quietude.

The monasteries have always  offered in the spirit of worship to  God  support and help to people in need. Today people visiting monasteries are looking for spiritual strength and peace of mind as well as new directions and energy to cope with the often exhausting daily routine. .
We introduce  you to exquisite monasteries with individually designed guest rooms where
you can experience soothing, holistic recovery. Be stimulated by casino the diverse spiritual impulses, meet interesting people and become enthusiastic for the happiness of a simple life in the middle of a naturally preserved countryside....
If desired, you can participate in the spiritual life of the monastic community and experience personal guidance  whenever you feel like it.
In addition, we offer you the possibility of individual and group coaching. Accompanied by experienced experts, new ideas can be developed. The spiritual areas of the monasteries and the inspiring surroundings offer the ideal setting for a comprehensive reappraisal of body and mind with a lasting effect and surprising perspectives.
Lectures and presentations can be arranged in order to bring about a deeper understanding of spiritual and philosophical topics - also with discussion groups. These are prepared under professional supervision according to individual educational interests and can be worked out further with people of similar views..
In this atmosphere of intensive life ways to our inner source can be discovered  as well as 
an increasing opening  to a  spiritual dimension which serves as a basis for new initiatives.

'The soul of man is a flower in the world,
created to allow the divine spirit to mature in himself. "
Rudolf Steiner