Kirche innen

On this website you will find a range of selected, very hospitable monasteries. Through their inspiring and relaxing atmosphere, they offer an opportunity to harmoniously find your personal core in cultural and natural surroundings.
We offer you the unique opportunity to gather information about monasteries at home and abroad. This makes it easier to select the domicile of silence which best suits your needs..

When people allow themselves to be influenced by spirituality, changes can take place. If my heart starts becomes more important in my life, values change and a realization for the essence of life gives rise to new liberating perspectives.
What prevents us from dropping our everyday burdens (Alltagsbalast) once in awhile and focusing our attention a few days on the essentials? We will then find out how GOOD it is for body and soul-simply HOLISTIC.

'The great mystics say that God is always there, but that we are rarely fully present and open for his work in and around us. " (from: Kloster Arenberg, God's feel-good-garden, Reinbeck, 2007).

  • Escape from everyday life
    gain strength and energy in unspoiled nature and monastic silence
    time out from everyday noise and stress
  • focus without distraction on one task
    e.g. scientific work, literary or artistic work
  • Meditation and contemplation, to find spiritual focus
  • Conversations with interesting people on unusual topics,
    discussion groups, Bible study
  • personal development under professional guidance
  • discover knowledge about medicinal herbs and monastery recipes

Our site is constantly undergoing revision. New facilities are added regularly. You can share your personal experiences and recommendations in the guestbook.